Unattended Package

A man exposing himself on Mardi Gras gets a rude awakening from cops.


All right, listen up...

>> Attention, men.

The Sergeant's speaking.


starts the heavy night.

All right, it starts heavy

tonight, and it will not stop

until Tuesday.

Long hours.

Patience are thin right now.

We've been on our feet already

for a week, okay?

So be kind to the drunk

tourists, okay?

Give them their one warning for

the flash of the boobs.

Second time they ride.

Anything from the waist down,

rides immediately.

Both sexes.

The flashing the boobs also

includes the male transvestites.

They cannot be on the street

showing their enlarged breasts.

They have to keep them covered

as well.

Let's have fun, but at the same

time, let's be professional.

Y'all be careful out there.

crowd cheerin )

>> MILLER: It's after midnight.

Instead of the crowd getting

thinner, it's getting heavier.

Just one of the small pockets.

All right, looks like this

gentleman that's with the

pirate's hat is about to expose

his genitals.

As soon as he does that, he's

going to take the ride.

There we go.

The rule is, anything below the

waist, takes a ride.

women shouting indistinctl )

>> MILLER: Can we call it?

Here now.


Put your hands on the wall.

>> Be cool, man.

Let go of my clothes.

>> MILLER: Put your hands on the


Put your hands on the wall!

Do not move.

>> I won't move.

Hey, what's up, guy?

What's the problem?

>> MILLER: You'll be talked to

in a minute.

>> I just...

A lot of people... a lot of

people do this, man.

garbled radio transmissio )

cuffs clicking shu )

>> MILLER: Let's go.

Down here, you show your

genitals, you go to jail like

everybody else.

>> A lot of people do this,


Can I... can I pull my pants up

real quick?

Hey, a lot of girls do this.

Remember, this is Mardi Gras.

This is what people do down

here, right?

>> MILLER: No.


indistinct radio

communicatio )

You do that back home?

>> No, but...

>> MILLER: Missouri-- you drop

your pants in Missouri?

>> But this is Mardi Gras.

People are telling me to do it.

>> MILLER: Okay, let me tell

you, my man, all right?

Down here, we want people to

have a good time, okay?

But showing your genitals is not

one of them, all right?

When you get out... this is a

minor offense, okay?

You'll be out by morning, okay?

We can't tolerate that, all


>> All right, I understand.

It's totally inappropriate.

>> MILLER: Okay, thank you.