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Letter to the President - Politics

Posted on: June 28, 2005 | Views: 65 | Comment

See the hip-hop struggle represented in this extended clip from Letter to the President.

While the glamorous 1980's continued for much of America, rappers made it a point to tell the world there was another section of the country that wasn't invited to the party.

As the urban landscape became the point of no return - Hip Hop emerged as a voice for the people....

This film takes an unprecedented look at a variety of issues directly affecting the urban community - including the 'crack' conspiracy, censorship, racial profiling, police brutality, poverty, prison for profit, and the NYPD Hip Hop Task Force.

If you think politics had nothing to do with Hip Hop, think again....

Letter to the President explores this rebel music with a cause.....

Featuring interviews from an eclectic list of players: Wyclef Jean, Chingy, Baby, Russell Simmons, Will.I.Am , Common, Davey D., Chuck D., Guy Torry, Mike Epps, Pharoache Monch, Ghostface Killah, KRS-ONE, 50 Cent, Michael Eric Dyson, Amiri Baraka, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, MC Lyte, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Tavis Smiley, Big Tigger, Quincy Jones, Nelson George, Dick Gregory, Luke 'Luther' Campbell, Larry Flynt, Gary Webb, Dilated Peoples, Dead Prez and more.

Purchase the DVD here: www.amazon.com 

quincy jones • notorious b.i.g. • russell simmons • crack • ghostface killah • 50 cent • hip hop • African American