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Plan Colombia - F.A.R.C.

Posted on: September 13, 2005 | Views: 185 | Comment

See the details of the two forces at war over drugs in Colombia.

It's been 20 years since the launch of the US taxpayer-funded "War on Drugs" in Colombia and still, more and more drugs and narco-dollars enter the country each year. Is it a failure or a smokescreen by Washington to secure Colombia's oil & natural resources?

Now that the U.S. State Department officially shifted its priority in Colombia from "counter-narcotics" to "counter-insurgency" conveniently dubbed "anti-terrorism", what is left today of the alleged anti-drug purpose of the U.S. "Plan Colombia"? Cocaine trafficking and money-laundering continues apace under the U.S.'s current "oil" administration.

Exclusive interviews with the late Senator Paul Wellstone, Noam Chomsky, Colombian Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and many key-players including guerrilla leaders...

To order the film, please contact www.freewillprod.com

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