The Invisible Enemy

Posted on: July 3, 2001 | Views: 17 | Comment

We all shrieked in disbelief as the primitive ewoks decimated the Emperor's finest troops in the Battle of Endor. The ewoks made short work of stormtroopers and biker scouts, rendering Imperial armor and battle skills useless. The Invisible Enemy is a comedic response to this embarrassing moment in Star Wars history.

This parody takes place immediately after Episode IV: A New Hope. With the Death Star destroyed, Lord Vader has sent thousands of scouts across the galaxy in search of a suitable location for the new Death Star. One survey team, consisting of two stormtroopers and four biker scouts, has been dispatched to Endor with the seemingly routine task of scoping the moon out. How will the evil little ewoks welcome their Imperial visitors? 

spoof • soldiers • ewoks • Star Wars