Bugging Out

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/07/2014

Kirsten and Shaney find a swarm of mosquitos, knowing they can get DNA, but know that another team is hot on the same trail.

Kirsten, they're beddingright here, look.

Look at all these flattened-outpine needles and stuff.

Something's definitely beenwalking up in here.


Looks likea nesting spot, though.


Black and brown.

Along with the hair

we found a swarmof mosquitoes,

so we found thatas a possible DNA--

Yeah, we thought it was a goodDNA opportunity for us.

There you go.

(Shaney)I'm thinking if something's

laying down hereand hair is dropping off,

the mosquitoes are goingto be attacking them too.

So I sat down in the nest,

and letthe mosquitoes attack me.

Who knows, they couldbe sucking on Bigfoot,

if Bigfoot waslaying in here, right?

Oh, look at that one.

Got him.

No one else is gonna collectmosquitoes from a nesting site.

Michael will.


Make sure to try to get onesbefore they bite me.

These two are stuck together.

We're gonna samplethe mosquitoes in this area

and hopefully get some blood.

And we'd be really, really luckyif we got blood from Bigfoot.

Yeah, one of these mighthave something in it.