This Hookah Bar Makes Customers Sick

While Jon Taffer is doing recon at Oasis Hookah Bar in Omaha, NE, one of his spies becomes violently ill after taking a sip from a drink. The entire bar is relentlessly filthy.

- It's takensort of a long time.- Joe: He's in his own world.

John: I expect a certain level of service.

I don't want to see a staff member drinking, smoking, dancing.

Corrie: Oh, hey, don't forget about this bowl when you're done with it.

Oh, yeah.

This guyescaped from an issueof "High Times."

- There you go, guys.- Thanks, man.

John: 20 minutes before they got a hookah?

If they timed things right,they could get it outin one minute.

Jon: He knows they haven't used a hookah before, right?

This is an embarrassmentto hookah lounges anywhere.

Narrator: A hookah pipe works by drawing air across heated charcoal

through a bowl containing a sweet tobacco mixture called shisha.

The shisha vaporizes and is drawn through the cold water basin,

both filtering and cooling the smoke.

Look how dirty this is.It looks like a sweatband.

There's no wayI would want to take a pufffrom one of those hoses.

- I'm gonna headto the bathroom.- Oh.

( coughs )Oh, gross.

- She didn't go.- She didn't even go.

I'm just gonna wait.( laughs )

- It's that gross?- Yeah, it is.

Will you pleasehelp me finish this?

- I don't reallywant to drink it.- Yeah.

She hates her drink.See that?

- That is disgusting.- They hate their drinks.

( coughs )

Abbie: Are you okay?

I'm gonna goto the bathroom real quick.

( retching )

All: Oh!

- Vomit!- Oh, --.

( continues retching )

- Come on.- That drink was so bad,

I had to justgo into the bathroomand throw up.

And the toilet doesn't flush,so it's just sitting in there.

We got a bar that'sso frickin' disgusting,

people are pukingall over the damn place!

All right.

Down the middle.

Jon: And just sitting in the office playing -- games?!

I want to go in, go hard.

If they're not gonnaclean up this --, we are!

- Right.- Let's do it!