Girls Behaving Badly - Boys Behaving Badly

Posted on: August 1, 2005 | Views: 251 | Comment

If someone on rollerblades makes a simple request: Would you mind shooting a little footage of me with this digital camera? Don't!

Are you ready for a hidden camera show with a different point of view? Part Sex and the City and part Candid Camera, Oxygen's hilarious hidden-camera hit, Girls Behaving Badly, boldly blurs the line between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

In every episode, these sexy, audacious, all-female pranksters pull off a series of outrageous gags on unsuspecting marks. Beware: the next "victim" of one of their madcap set-ups could be you!

Girls Behaving Badly airs on Oxygen most weeknights at 2:00am/1C. For exact show times visit the Oxygen schedule at

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