411VM Skateboarding - Issue 14.3 - Trailer

Posted on: July 18, 2006 | Views: 27 | Comment

Stay indoors and cool off with 411 14-3, the newest issue in 411's 14 series, available August 1st. With Duffs Art Director Russ Pope at the creative helm, 14-3 provides everything you need to enjoy your lazy days in the shade.

Chaos featuring Marius Syvanen, Flo Marfaing & Alex Carolino from the Santa Cruz Team, the Bueno crew and ending it with a Dekline Shoes barrage.

Watch the Hellrose Hero and Richie Belton destroy everything in his path both on and off the skateboard.

Ted De Gros (Santa Cruz Skateboards) rolls in with a feel-good part.

The Clichi team (winners of the 2006 TWS Best Team Award) wreck shop in Sicily, Italy.

Ben Gore, the World Industries Am that comes through with a rippin' part to keep you rockin' all night.

Emmanuel Guzman and Sid Melvin knock out walls.

The Duffs Montage illustrates the diversity of the Duffs team; with the quickness of Jason Adams, the creativity of Louie Barletta, the uniqueness of Pat Rakestraw, the rawness of Adam Alfaro and the pure talent of Dyson Ramones.

Don 'The Nuge' Nguyen comes through with a full part going big on stairs, gaps, rails - you name it.


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