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Let's Build A Time Machine

Posted on: January 15, 2007 user submitted | Views: 20 | Comment

LET'S BUILD A TIME MACHINE Clement J. Gareau Morris P. Rainville She strolled up to the door And handed me a folder She said "Plans for a time machine You're a smart man, a builder They're too complex for me Can you see if we can Together build it from scratch They're detail time machine plans Chorus: Let's build a time machine So we can go back in time Let's build a time machine So we’re together all the time And we’ll renew our love And we’ll repeat our vows And never be apart again Let's build a time machine right now There were tears in her eyes And a sadness beyond compare I said "Thanks for asking me I guess you know I still care I've thought of this moment Since the day we parted We need to do something Let's not waste time let's get started Bridge: A time machine could save so many breakups It would give foolish people a chance to make up © 1999, Socan(BMI) (©(©SOCAN (BMI