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Peep explores the intersection where sex and fashion meet. Although fetishism is in vogue in the 1990s, it has long been a lifestyle lived by many. This film was made with peep show workers, fetishists and performance artists. It is a powerful visual document incorporating film footage shot by the artist in Australia at the end of 1996.

Peep was filmed for the White Gloves Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia. White Gloves demanded a one take, in-camera edit of a single Super 8 cartridge. Each entrant was given a secret symbol at the beginning of a 48 hour period which had to appear in the first 30 seconds of the film. The secret symbol in this case was money, and so the concept of the peep show came into play. The film was conceived and shot in an 8 hour period, with none of the cast known to the director previous to the shoot. Peep was originally a silent film, with the soundtrack added later. 

fetish • stripping • peep show • sex workers • fashion