IMPACT WRESTLING: IMPACT WRESTLING Feature Match: Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

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Gail Kim wants to re-establish herself as a contender to the Knockouts title. What better way than by facing the woman who beat her for the gold? 

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World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus Vs. Eric Young (13:47)

After winning the Ten Man Gauntlet match earlier in the night, Eric Young cashes in his title shot and takes on Magnus.

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Tag Team Championship: Jessie Godderz & DJ Z Vs. The Wolves (6:09)

MVP is tired of all the excuses The BroMans keep coming up with to not put the belts on the line. He forces Jessie to team up with DJ Z and face The Wolves for the World Tag Team Championship.

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Ten Man Gauntlet Match (24:27)

James Storm and Gunner start off the 10 man gauntlet match. Every two minutes another wrestler joins the battle. To be eliminated, the man has to be thrown of the top rope. The winner will be named the #1 Contender.

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X Division Championship - Best of 3: Sanada vs Tigre Uno (4:30)

Sanada takes on Tigre Uno in the first match of their best of 3 X Division Championship series.

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Tag Team Tables Match: Bobby Roode & EC3 vs Bully Ray & Willow (12:39)

The first one through a table loses in this special tag match-up. As Bobby Roode and EC3 take on Bully Ray and his unexpected partner pick, Willow.

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4-Way World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus vs Samoa Joe vs Abyss vs Eric Young (14:09)

In this 4-Way match, the first man to pin or submit an opponent wins the belt. Magnus can no longer hide behind his lackeys and must fight for himself.

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Anything Goes Match: Gunner Vs. The Cowboy James Storm (12:51)

After his father was attacked by James Storm, Gunner wants to settle the score in an Anything Goes Match.

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Samoa Joe Vs. Eric Young (7:59)

Samoa Joe and Eric Young one another in the build up to 4-Way World Championship match.

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Tag Team Bout: The Wolves Vs. Magnus & Abyss (7:53)

To prove themselves, The Wolves call out the Heavyweight champ and his bodyguard, Magnus and The Monster Abyss.

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World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus Vs. Samoa Joe (12:02)

MVP handcuffs himself to Magnus' new bodyguard, Abyss, to ensure Samoa Joe finally gets a fair title shot.

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