Confronting The Floyds

  • Season 1
  • Aired 03/31/2014

After their home is completely remodeled, Adam & Skip get down to brass tacks about their possible embellishing of the truth.

- God.- Oh.

- So welcome to yournew second-story oasis.

- Now that we've taken ourscenic tour through

their beautifullyremodeled house,

it's time to get downto the brass tacks.

- We needed some answers.

Would you be surprisedto know that Tom came here

and actually helped?- Did he help?

- I would be surprised.- Actually helped.

- He did.- Yeah, he did.

- There were a lot of thingsthat he brought up that,

you know, I thoughtwere pretty valid.

Skip and I both have a prettygood Spidey sense about,

you know, the BS meter.

- Uh-huh.

- And maybe you guyswere embellishing

your side of ita little bit?

- There was definitely some grayarea there.

- Tell me. Tell me.- Tell us.

- He had some documentswith him.

- I looked at the plans, andthere was nothing on the plan

to indicate that he had anythingto do with the shower at all.

Completely oppositeof what you told me

when we first got here.

- Listen. I mean, whether ornot that particular drain

was on the plans, that'snot that big a deal.

- Where we ran intoa problem with this guy

is we had an agreement.

He hands us a contractand says if you don't sign

this release form,I'm not going to doyour stucco.

We wouldn't signthe release form, he walked.

- Change order?What change orders?

- But that-- that's prettystandard issue,

that liability.

- I don't know if you read itall the way through.

- Of course we read it.- Do you have a copy of it?

- I guess you guys are tryingto make the point

that we didn't readthe waiver or something.

- We read the waiver.- No.

- I'm telling you that--

- I just wanted youto see that--

- --it's not aboutthe words in the waiver.

- --that it didwork both ways.

- We asked the Floydsto see the waiver.

They would notproduce the waiver.

And to me, that's likewhen somebody says,"I'm not drunk.

Hell, no. I'm not blowinginto that thing."

You know, we go intothese things wanting

to help the family andsympathizing with the family.

But this one has beenturned upside down.

So now in my mindthe pendulum

is swinging the other way,and it's toward Tom.

- Man, you know, whatever.I mean, that's--

- He stopped coming.

- Let's just leave it--let's just leave it here.

- Yeah.- Okay?

- I mean, he stopped coming.

- That's-- we don'tsee it that way.

I'm a little more upsetwith the way we were treated

by Skip and Adam on the deckthan I am with Tom.