Once a Thief - First 8 Minutes

Posted on: April 22, 2003 | Views: 68 | Comment

2 movies each directed by Hong-Kong action masters Ringo Lam and John Woo: A close-knit trio of dashing art thieves undertake one last lucrative job before their planned retirement, only to be torn apart when the heist goes awry as the result of a double-cross from their criminal mentor. Once reunited, the team resolves to get revenge. Woo shows his comical side, who packs his script with screwball double-entendres that translate shakily from Cantonese but retains his facility for deft action photography and his thematic interest in friends trying to remain loyal in a world full of betrayal. Also features Woo's trademark gratuitous tear-jerking montages set to sappy Cantopop ballads. 

hong kong • heist • foreign