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Case Closed - Broken Dreams - Illustrated Murder

Posted on: November 8, 2005 | Views: 137 | Comment

Jealousy consumes a graphic designer who is in the midst of completing a book of crime scenes.

Still a high school student, teenage supersleuth Jimmy Kudo is already one of the most respected detectives around, and his crime-solving skills often come in handy with the local police force. But when Jimmy's detective work intrudes upon the illegal activities of a sinister crime syndicate, its members poison the teen with a drug that shrinks him to the size of a seven-year-old child! Adopting the alias Conan (in honor of the famed Sherlock Holmes author), the pint-sized Jimmy continues to solve baffling cases--as well as search for an antidote to his condition--with the help of a pair of bumbling police detectives, a kindly scientist neighbor, and a close-knit group of friends. This volume of the crime-solving Anime series CASE CLOSED includes the episodes "Illustrated Murder," "Ghost Ship Murder Part 1," and "Ghost Ship Murder Part 2." 

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