Adam Carolla Helps Rescue A Bar

TV Personality and host of Spike's "Catch A Contractor" stops by to help train the staff at Scoreboard. He is nice enough to bring along his signature cocktail "Mangria."

I've asked my friend,Adam Carolla, to comeand join us today.

- What? No way!- Hey.

Adam has anew product.


It's my signaturecocktail.

- Invented out of necessity.- ( all laugh )

I was sitting home one night,I was in my bathrobe,

I poured myselfa little red wine.

But I thought,"How do we turbo-chargeit a little bit?"

So, I dumped a little vodkain with the red wine.

- It tasted like ass.- ( all laugh )

So, I put a littleorange juice and some ice,and some other stuff in it

and I swirled around,I took a hit off it,I went--


A littleat-home mixology.

Adam: And we got a cocktail that we're gonna do.

It's called the"Mangria Sunrise."

First, muddle that fruit.

You're gonna useabout six halves ofdifferent colored grapes.

And a fresh orange slice.1/2 an ounce of agave nectar.

Adam: This is a turn-on, isn't it?

- ( all laugh )- Seeing a beautiful womanmuddle. You know what I mean?

My mother was achampion muddler.

( all laugh )

She medaled in muddlingin the '68 Olympics.

It was a trial sportback then.

Anyway-- they dropped--they dropped it.

Not a lot of people knowabout it, but, yeah.

- I come from a longline of muddlers.- ( laughing )

So, now, 1/2 ounceof tequila.

We're using ourDon Julio Blanco.

- Two ouncesof the Mangria. - Here it is.

Here we go.

Almost as good asmuddling. Maybe better.

( all laugh )

We're gonna top itwith prosecco.Wedge of orange.

Oh, my God.

Anthony L.: All these simple ingredients can make so many

differentbeautiful dishes.

We're gonna use thatand make us shine here.

I really feel confidentabout the menu we'recreating.

This is gonna besomething exciting anda little bit different.

It's not gonna beyour normal taqueríadown the street.

This is called apico de gallo.

Corey: You're not going straight down.

No! You let your knifedo the work.

All right? Someonions, some jalapeños.

In the jalapeños,

the spiciest part isgonna come from the seeds

and the veins and everything.But we don't want too spicy.

Narrator: The active ingredient that makes peppers spicy

is capsaicin,

a molecule that tricks the pain and burn receptors in the tongue.

Common sense says you reach for a glass of water to stop the pain,

but water only spreads the capsaicin around in the mouth.

The best ways to quench the burn are milk

because capsaicin is fat-soluble, or alcohol,

which will dissolve the molecule.

Squeeze a couple limesin here.

Then push themtogether, see howI push 'em together?

Release all that oil.

Michelle wants to learn,I can see the enthusiasm there.

Michelle: The new food is totally fresh.

I'm excited about it.