Jon Taffer Begins His First Bar Rescue

  • Season 3
  • Aired 05/29/2014

During his first ever filmed rescue, Jon Taffer sits down with the owner of "South Park" in Montclair, NJ. He gives him one of the no-nonsense talks that have become his calling card.

Sitting herelooking at you right now?

You don't look to me like youhave the enthusiasm to do this.

Are you so beat to ( bleep )

that you can pull ittogether and do this?

You gotta riseto the occasion.

I can't do it unless you're frickin' enthusiastic.

I'll rise to the occasion.

Telling me we can do thisin four days

doesn't seem realistic.

Really?Do I seem like an idiot to you?


If I'm not an idiot,who are you to question it?


Do you believe in this place?

Yeah, I believe the placedefinitely has potential.

I mean, the location is oneof the best in Montclair.

I believe that, by the way.It's a monster location.

- When did you open?- 2000.

It was fully managed by,like, three managers.

- So you played owner,not manager.- Right.

- So you investedthe cash yourself?- Right.

We were doing, like,$40,000 a week back then.

Where are the frustrationsfor you?

It's everything, you know,staff's about to walk out.

They're about to mutiny on me.I got no patience.

I'm blowing up, explodingall the time on everybody.

Do you ever drink here?

I'm not a big drinker.

No?Did you drink today?

Yeah, I did have a drinkjust to loosen up a little bit.

So if your managerwas drinking here tonight,

how would you feel about that?

No, managers can't drink.Employees can't drink.

But you're the manager now.


I am the manager,but like I said, I'm not--

you know, I don't have--I'm not a big drinker.

If we're gonna go through this,no drinking while I'm here.

I need you to be straight, and I need you to be sharp.

It's important to me.I'm gonna be that way for you.

So here's the deal--I want control of this business

for the next four days.

- I'm in charge.- Really?

Yes. You want me to getthis done in four days?

You want to get this done quick?I got to go to work.

Close the ( bleep ) place.

I want you to tell the employees not to leave,

and I want you to geton the phone and get

every ( bleep ) employeein here.

I want to have an employee meeting tonight.

Let me go to ( bleep ) work.