We Will Slaughter You Soon

Posted on: August 10, 2005 | Views: 0 | Comment

Today, we received an 11-minute threat to our troops featuring a horse-riding Osama, replete with infomercial quality graphics. We deleted a number of graphic images which made the running time under 5 minutes. (Note: This piece still contains some graphic audio beginning at 01:00 and running until 01:50). We researched the submitting agency, www.hkmah.net, and determined it to be a Saudi tech company. Thus, while we cannot with absolute certainty identify this piece's provenance, we think it's fair to assume that it is not the work of a militia group, but rather is the product of an IT guy using an outdated version of After Effects.

If you'd like to write to those responsible for this, their email address is: info@hkmah.net. Although their English seems somewhat limited, we suspect they'll get your point. 

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