'Is This The Professional You Want To Be?!'

When Jon Taffer tries to identify the problems at The Tailgate in Santa Clarita, CA, he quickly finds a completely dysfunctional family at the root of all their business woes.

- Pops!- Oh, what the --?

I'm Jon Taffer.

I've been watching thisfor the past hour.

What the hell isgoing on in there?

You know, Jon,you got me.

I don't want our bartenders--get on the bar--

taking off your shirt.You don't do that!

You're exactly right.

I was just embarrassedby my kids in there

because I told themto get Christina out of there.

- And they didn't.- And they didn't!

Let's go inside together.Come on.

This family isa fricking mess!

Mike won't stand up against his sister,

Diane won't stand up against the staff.

And they all are failingas a result of it.

( bar chatter )

Jon: Let's get your kids together. Let's all talk.

- Where are they?- Mike! Diane!

And you need to getthat bitch out of here, too.


You say acrossthe room, "bitch"?

Is that the professionalyou want to be?

- It's not.- You got suckedinto saying it.

Jon!Don't yell at my dad.

- I'm talking to your father.- That's my dad.

It doesn't--that's my dad!


- Are we good?- You're absolutely right...

- and we're good.- That's my dad.

We're fine. The problemis the three of you.

What's goingon here, Mike?

Say something!

Here's what happens--I fight with her

because half the peoplehere don't belong here.

She can't fire nobody.

We've been telling herso-and-so needs to go--

- Why can't she?- He told her 20 times.

No! They're tryingto fire people

that they haven't trained or told them what the rule is.

Rules are different every other week--

- How does it changeevery other week?- Because--

How does it changeevery other week?!

- Tell me!- It's like a soap opera.

I got one extreme,the other extreme,

- I'd rather--- Who doesn't belonghere? Say it!

( background chatter, laughing )

Say it, Mike!

- ( indistinct bar chatter )- --.

- It's not fair for Miketo single people out, Dad.- Robert...

Robert: What the --?

- Really? You want to cook?- ( overlapping shouting )

- Diane: Robert! Robert!- Robert: Fire my ass!

I do more -- thanall you --!

- Pops: You're fired!