The Smelliest Thing

  • Season 1
  • Aired 01/24/2014

Kirsten & Shaney have to dig deep to come up with a strategy for the challenge, and Stacy's plan reveals something personal to Dave. Will they catch what they're after?

I'm likin' this spot.

How about you?Okay, yeah.

Usually people put baitinside of a trap.

I dig a holeand put the bait under,

and put the trap on topwhere the animal has to go in

and actually get trappedto get that bait.

(Shaney)They won't dig under that?

(Kirsten)I think they'll try

getting in therebefore they start digging.

(Shaney)I'm excitedthat Kirsten's a pro.

We're-- We're a forceto be reckoned with.

I do this all the time.All right.

If you wanna set this,

I'm gonna break upsome vegetation

and put it around here.

Go ahead, man.

We did see, uh, Dax and Rictorwhen we set our big trap up.

(Stacy)Of course those guysdon't know what they're doing.

Yeah, they really don't knowwhat they're doin' in the woods.

Walk that way,back the way we came.

We noticed Stacy Brownand David went that way.

Nobody else is inthis area right here,

so this is a good spotto put our trap.

(Stacy)They're nice guys and stuff,

but they just haveno common sense

when it comes to huntin'.

I told 'em not to use meat.

Yeah, I know.

This is a competition,and we're gonna misinform

the other teams out hereto throw them off.

Spoiled meatis gonna reek like hell.

Anything's gonnacome to this.

Whether it be small or big,

they're gonna gonna goto the smelliest thing.

Just like when a guy'shunting for a female.

Maybe it's just me.

That's just you, bro.

I don't likeno dirty females, man.

They gotta be clean.