Hot & Funny: Anna Kendrick - Guys Choice 2016

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Anna Kendrick is not just another pretty face. But she asked to be treated like that for one night, and we're not going to say no. Guys Choice airs Thursday June 9, 9/8c on Spike.

- Thank you so much.

This is, this is just amazing.

It's so wonderful to finally be recognized

for being so physically perfect.

Just being this specimen of beauty,

and lust.

- And you're funny, too, though, so.

- Yes, yes.

And just,

you know,

I'm just incredible, physically,

and when you look...

- But on top of those things,

we're recognizing thatyou are funny, as well.

- I just,

- Adding to it.- Guys, guys

- We're just saying adding.

- It's a lot of work being funny all the time.

I just, can I just be hot for once,

with no skills, no talent, like,

just be.


- Anna Kendrick, everybody.

A hot piece of meat, right?

- And that's all.

- That's it.

- Literally.

- Thank you so much.

Thank you.

(cheering and clapping)