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Ink Master: Flash Challenge Preview: Raise Your Torch: Part II

Posted on: April 29, 2014 | Views: 28,735 | Comment

The final five artists start to tattoo their Statue of Liberty sketches and hope for the best as they are tested on proportion in the flash challenge.

Tune in to Ink Master airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE. 

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Ink Master Videos

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Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part II (3:59)

Aaron tries to diligently airbrush a challenging yet picturesque pin up theme while Josh is left unimpressed with Jason’s design.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 152

Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part I (2:51)

Nude canvases await the anxious artists when they are tasked with having to bring pin ups to life with airbrushing. A very special guest and True Blood star joins the judges to offer his critique.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 178

Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part III (3:37)

The flash challenge on artistry comes to an end as the judges and Joe Manganiello throw out their critiques for the painstakingly painted pin ups.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 124

Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part III (2:59)

Mark tries to redeem himself by doing a turtle tattoo to win over the judges while Ryan and LT collide in an explosion of anger.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 173

Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part I (1:38)

The bottom 6 artists fight for their lives as they scramble to ink a fresh set of canvases with tattoo styles picked by their rivals.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 192

Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part II (2:47)

It’s a last chance race as the artists ink with their weakest tattoo styles with hopes of staying in the competition. Ty’Esha is confident she isn’t going anywhere.

Posted 6 hours ago Views: 206

Week 1: Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice (1:29)

The artists ink a fresh batch canvases to try and desperately stay in the competition with tattoo styles chosen by their rivals.

Posted 7 hours ago Views: 123

You Choose Live - Most Controversial Moment: Tommy Helm’s Elimination (5:06)

Tommy Helm getting the boot on season 1 of Ink Master was definitely a hot topic. Watch and see as the talented artist finally reveals his true feelings with Dave Navarro.

Posted 7 hours ago Views: 99

You Choose Live - Most Controversial Moment: Kyle Dunbar Vs. Chris Núñez (5:05)

The most controversial artist from all of Ink Master sits down with Dave Navarro to chat about his furious feud with Chris Nunez – and eventual physical altercation.

Posted 7 hours ago Views: 70

Season Premiere - Elimination Tattoo Preview: Inking With The Enemy: Part IV (2:51)

The tag team challenge starts and Aaron wastes no time hovering around Emily’s shoulder like a hawk, stressing over details. The pressure builds up in LT and comes out in the worst possible way.

Posted August 28, 2014 Views: 4,411