Playbook 360: Bad Words at SXSW

Posted on: March 27, 2014 | Views: 540 | Comment

Dhani heads to Texas for the annual SXSW festival and gets a preview of Jason Bateman's new film, Bad Words. 

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Seeing It All with Christie Rampone (3:59)

United States women's national soccer team captain, Christie Rampone, talks about her preparation before her fifth appearance in the Woman's World Cup.

Posted November 18, 2014 Views: 143

Catching Dreams: Owen Daniels (2:02)

Owen Daniels talks about how being a professional football player has given him the chance to give back. His charity Catching Deams helps sick children and their families while they recover.

Posted Views: 96

On The Gridiron With Owen Daniels (2:34)

Baltimore Raven Owen Daniels sits with Dhani and talks about his transition to a new team and his career after the football.

Posted November 14, 2014 Views: 112

Unfinished Business: Paul Daley (3:42)

Dhani sits down with Paul Daley. After a fresh new contract with Bellator MMA he feels confident on making a run for the championship.

Posted November 13, 2014 Views: 53

Around The Track With Shani Davis (3:38)

Dhani Jones meets up with Olympic record holder, Shani Davis. Who is in full training mode for the 2018 winter Olympics.

Posted November 13, 2014 Views: 56

Leaders Of The Pack (5:35)

Dhani goes down to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and talks to some the top NASCAR drivers. They talk about their team goals, racing strategies, staying fit and what they do on their down time.

Posted October 10, 2014 Views: 197

Untitled Motorcycles: See And Be Seen (3:50)

Dhani heads over to London and meets with Untitled Motorcycles' Adam Kay. They discuss the history of Café Racer motorcycle and how it's design is a complete extension of the individual who designs it.

Posted October 1, 2014 Views: 153

Pulling G's with Kirby Chambliss (4:39)

Two time Red Bull Air Race world champion, Kirby Chambliss talks with Dhani about how he got into aerobatic flying.

Posted August 6, 2014 Views: 757

Precision Driving with Ken Block (3:22)

Professional rally driver Ken Block talke about the making of his popular Gymkhana videos.

Posted July 30, 2014 Views: 288

Chris Cole: The Science of Skating (4:35)

Dhani meets up with Chris Cole at his Philadelphia skate shop. Chris talks about staying on top of the competition, maintaining his creative edge and how watching old '90s skate videos keeps him inspired.

Posted July 14, 2014 Views: 35,443