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Billy Wilder pushes the envelope in this raucous sex comedy in which Orville J. Spooner (Ray Walston), a hapless songwriter, will stop at nothing for the chance to sell his tunes to a horny second-rate Las Vegas singer named Dino (Dean Martin).

Orville arranges for the star to spend the night with his luscious "wife" to get Martin to consider his skills. Aided by his friend and lyricist Barney Milsap, the two trap Dino in the boondocks of Climax, Nevada, by sabotaging his car in a gas station while he's en route to Los Angeles. The only problem is that the female bait he's dangling isn't really Orville's wife at all--she's a local lady of easy virtue named Polly the Pistol (Kim Novak) whom the jealous husband is using as a stand-in to take the place of his actual wife, Zelda (Felicia Farr). Got all that? This wacky ride goes by at a leisurely pace, shot in poetic black and white by the great Joseph LaShelle. 

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