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2Fast2Real II - 2Fast2Real II Music Video

Posted on: July 13, 2005 | Views: 658 | Comment

Fast cars. Hot women. Recording studios. Police pursuits. High-speed stunts that don't always go as planned. Crashes. Hiphop. Mista 6. Soft core. Accidents. Reckless. Greg Filipkowski. Dangerous. Stupid. LL Cool J.

WARNING: This clip/trailer contains scenes that entail the reckless endangerment of the lives of people other than the driver. Ifilm neither condones nor encourages this sort of illegal behavior.

Forget those so-called "reality shows" where producers manipulate auditioned wannabes. In 2Fast2Real II, the cast consists of everyday people with a passion for burning up asphalt at 150 mph. For them, it isn't about 15 minutes of fame -- it's about having the fastest car and the sharpest skills behind the wheel.

Visit liextreme.com for more info and to buy the DVD. 

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