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Players: Grand Re-Opening

Posted on: March 3, 2010 | Views: 153 | Comment

While planning a grand re-opening of Players, Ken's repeated attempts to prove to the staff that he's capable of having fun backfire when he injures a customer at the big event who threatens to sue and shut Players down for good. 

Players Videos


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Special Olympics

Special Olympics (1:04)

Gambling on the special olympics? You might have a problem.

Posted February 2, 2010 Views: 80

Tattoo (0:51)

If you're gettin into this, you're gettin into the VIP room.

Posted February 4, 2010 Views: 48
Press Junket - Short on Sports

Press Junket - Short on Sports (7:08)

How can you have a show about a sports bar and know nothing about sports?

Posted February 11, 2010 Views: 193
Players on Tulsa Today

The Players on Tulsa Today (1:43)

Matt and Ian make a special appearance on Tulsa Today to talk about their new show, Players.

Posted February 22, 2010 Views: 31
Gambling On Special Olympics

Gambling On Special Olympics (2:09)

The depths of Bruce's gambling problem become clear when Ken catches him betting on the special Olympics.

Posted July 21, 2010 Views: 822
Press Junket - Outburst

Press Junket - Outburst (3:26)

It's important to always be professional.

Posted February 11, 2010 Views: 8

Addiction (2:04)

Sometimes you help your friends, and sometimes they say no.

Posted February 4, 2010 Views: 26
Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare (1:39)

Playing truth or dare can be more dangerous than you think.

Posted February 4, 2010 Views: 633
Last Call For Dignity

Last Call For Dignity (1:00)

From one of the original founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Matt Walsh, comes the hilarious new comedy "Players", which revolves around two very different and dysfunctional brothers from Phoenix living out the ultimate guy fantasy - owning and operating a profitable sports bar. Bruce (Matt Walsh) just wants a place to gamble, hang with his friends and sleep with the cocktail waitresses while his uptight, anal retentive brother Ken (Ian Roberts) tries to mold the place in the image of his former empl

Posted February 26, 2010 Views: 250
Be In Charge

Be In Charge (1:14)

Find creative ways to be in charge.

Posted February 4, 2010 Views: 62