Blood Money

A dispute over stolen cash leads to a bloody Mardi Gras brawl.

>> What's up, baby?

>> MILLER: All right, even

though the female impersonators

are out here, okay, exposing of

the breasts, y'all fall under

the same guidelines as females,

and you can't expose your


They have to stay covered while

you're on the sidewalk or on the

streets, okay?

>> Okay.

>> MILLER: From now on, make

sure you're covered out here.

>> Whoa, whoa! Fight!

Whoa, whoa.

>> Over here.

>> Stop resisting.

>> I got it.

I got it.

>> Stop resisting.

>> I got it.

>> Stop resisting.

man gruntin )

>> You guys got...

>> Give me your hand.

man yellin )

>> Let go.

>> Give me his hand.

>> Okay, give us some gloves,


>> MILLER: So he just gave away

a $100 bill.

>> He gave a $100 bill

to another girl, and then

another girl, he said, "Well,

I'm going to go buy us a drink."

Never showed back up with the


And he approached these three

ladies right here, claimed,

"Hey, where's my $100 bill?"

Started cursing them out,

pushing on them and

grabbing them, so Wes escorted

him out the door.

As he was escorting... the

gentleman-- the subject out the

door, he turned around and

kicked Wes in the face.

>> They stole my money.

They stole my money.


rolling around on the ground.

>> I gave her a $100 bill.

>> MUNSTER: My hand got scraped

off the concrete.

>> I gave her a $100 bill

to pay for some beers and

she took it all!

>> MILLER: This guy got in a

fight inside the bar.

>> She stole my money.

>> MILLER: They took him


He continued to start a fight on

the outside.

He was bleeding like this and

all that before he got out here.

So we're going to take him to

Charity Hospital, get him

cleaned up.

Make sure there's nothing wrong

with him other than a couple of

abrasions and stuff.

From there, he'll go to jail.

Get EMS over here.


>> I want to get my money back.

That's all I want.

>> MILLER: Dave...

So you know why you...?

>> She took $100 from me.

>> MILLER: Dave, you know why

you're going to jail?

>> Because she stole $100

from me, and you guys are...

>> MILLER: You kicked one of my

officers in the face.

You kicked me in the leg.

>> I didn't want to kick you.

I didn't want to do violence.

>> MILLER: You're going to jail

after you get out of Charity


>> DUFFY: Uh, we got all of the

witnesses names and everything

out of the bar?

>> MILLER: Yes, sir.

>> DUFFY: All right, what about

our guys?

We're going to get them to

the hospital and get them

checked out.

>> MILLER: We have EMS en route

to check out him and the


>> DUFFY: Get him checked out.

>> MILLER: He's being charged

with numerous things: battery

on police officers, battery on

the bar itself.

Doing damage to property, the

uniform, hats, as well as the

apparel that we're wearing.

Welcome to Mardi Gras.