Manhattan Street

Posted on: January 26, 2006 | Views: 0 | Comment

"So I can forget everywhere I've been..."

Manhattan Street is an attempt to create a gritty, realistic, subtle video about David Mcmillin's journey as a performing artist. The stylistic inspiration came from LIFE photographs of New York and the lighting designs of 1920s German Expressionism. The song's primary theme is loneliness, a man playing to an empty stage embodying the real world isolation of small town America, and shots in the city are meant to convey the idea that David is an outsider, standing in front of set pieces, not actively participating in the life of the city. The video also seeks to support, and actively undercut the lyrics of the song, with images that establish a relationship between the monolithic architecture of the city and a populace out of touch with themselves, existing in a suffocating daily grind. 

nyc • acoustic • guitar • singer