The Loudest Person In The Room

  • Season 3
  • Aired 02/27/2014

Manager Jerry jumps in a game of Beer Pong with his customers, while co-owners Steve and Dave and Jon Taffer prepare for an intervention.

I'm really not--okay.

- You wanna-- - ( all laugh )

- It's all about him.- I got balls.

- Are your balls that big?- Hell, no, they're bigger. Ah.

- I'm not really -- good shot, but...- It's embarrassing.

...hell, yeah.Oh, yeah.

- Oh!- ( laughs )

He's the loudest personin the room by far.

--, he is.

Her ass is in the way.Hey, can you get--

can you getthat turdcutterout of my way?

Can you possibly succeedwith him being this way?

Not the wayit is now, no.

Jon: Running the bar drunk is dead wrong.

Holy --,that was great.

When you guys sit hereand tell me that, you know,"he this" and "he that."

But you both togetherhave the authority to stopthat tomorrow.

You could take controlof the bank accountstomorrow.

- That's what 60%of a business is.- Good point.

So the factof the matter is,

you're notin a submissiveposition to him.

- Sure.- So he needsto see your anger.

- You pissed?- Yes.

- I am.- How many timeshave you been pissed

- the last few monthsand held it back?- Probably 50% of the time.

- Tonight you don't.- Okay.

Tonight you let it go.How many times you beenpissed and held it back?

Any time I've seen himdrinking in the bar.I've never liked it.


Come on!

Hello,where's my --bartenders at?

- We're bartending!- Hello! Hello! --!

Look at himscreaming and yelling. is, yeah!Yeah!

Yeah, buddy.

Okay, you need to go overand just kick that -- table

and just -- knock it down.

- No, don't do that.- Kick that -- table down.

No, don't do that.No, no, no, no, no!

Don't bump that table.Go over there.

( glasses clatter, shatter )

Jerry: It's, like, one of those things.

Oh, my God, right now.

Did I not tell you?You just hit him!

No, I wasn't.I was over here, bull--.

- I've definitely seen enough.- Okay, here's what we do.

We go inside, we talk to him,we look at him and say,

"We own 60% of this business.I want the keys."

- Hostile takeover.- Let's do it.