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Fear of Speed Movie Trailer

Posted on: August 30, 2002 | Views: 1,966 | Comment

BRITTANY SEARS has the Fear of Speed. She must overcome her phobia to win an underground race and save her friends from the vicious drug lord HORNERO MARTINO and and his bumbling wanna-be gang leader son RICO MARTINO.

Brittany and her hot shot boyfriend, underground race car driver MAX SPEARS team up with legendary fighter ZENDO to stop the Martinos from using their secret weapon. This movie combines the adrenaline rush of The Fast and The Furious with the humor of American Pie and the combined Furious fights of a Jackie Chan movie and action of Mission Impossible 2, and HOT LOVE SCENES! 

racing • marital arts • fighting • sexy • car • gangster • gang • explosion • motorcycle