An Unproductive Partnership

  • Season 3
  • Aired 02/27/2014

Manager Jerry is losing control of O'Banion's Bar & Grill in Bellevue, Nebraska. His partners Steve and Dave bring in Jon Taffer to turn around the dwindling business and mounting losses.

( cheering )

All right,let's have a shot.

Narrator: This year, 6,500 failing bars nationwide

will close their doors for good.

If things don't change soon, O'Banion's Bar & Grill

in Bellevue, Nebraska, will become just another statistic.

In 2005, having just lost his job,

Jerry Dalrymple discovered his parents' favorite bar,

O'Banion's, was for sale.

I'd been laid off, I got a fewseverance packages.

I called up Steve.

I was like, "Steve,wanna buy O'Banion's?"

"Yeah, if the numbersare right."

All right, "Hey, Dave,wanna help buy this bar?

It's Mom and Dad'sfavorite bar."

"Okay, let's do it."

Narrator: Jerry and his brother Dave each put in 40%.

Best friend Steve invested the remaining 20%.

In the beginning, it wasa very cooperative effort.

It was something exciting, it was new,

we had big plans for it.

Narrator: For the first two years, business boomed.

Back in the heyday,we were bringing in $20,$25,000 dollars a month.

Narrator: Money rolled in, so Dave and Steve felt confident

putting the managerial duties in Jerry's hands.

When we were successful,it was fun to be here,

Jerry and I were getting along good.

The bar was making money.

Narrator: Left unsupervised, Jerry's behavior

took the party to extremes, aggravating coworkers...

- Hurry up!- Hello, today.

When he gets intoxicated,he just acts like an idiot.

He is a terrible manager.

I would love to bitch-slap him.All three of 'em.

Narrator: ...and running off customers.

Get the -- outta here!

So, it's"Drink on Jerry's Dime Night"on Friday night.

Saturday nights, just wait till Jerry gets drunk

so he can buy everybody rounds.

Tonight, I find myselfgetting free drinks

from random strangersand even the staff themselves.

Narrator: As business dwindled and losses mounted...

...the three owners butted heads on how to save the bar.

I know whatthe --'s going on.

You guys don't even knowwhat you're -- doing.

Steve: You gotta spend money to make money.

Jerry: But you gotta have the money to spend.

We gotta figure outa way to get more peoplein here.

Again, you're comingin here criticizing...

Narrator: Frustrated with his unproductive partnership,

Jerry has no idea that co-owners Steve and Dave

have agreed to pull back the doors, bust open the books,

and make a call for help to "Bar Rescue."

Maybe you shouldfire the manager

and just listento the owner oncein a while.