"Video Games Live" Concert Tour - Interview with Tommy Tallarico, Co-Creator

Posted on: September 26, 2005 | Views: 0 | Comment

An interview with Tommy Tallarico, Executive Producer and Co-Creator of "Video Game Live."

An extraordinary event that combines orchestrated versions of video game themes, a sound and light show, choreographed stage representations of the games and an interactive audience experience.

Video Games Live premiered in 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. On October 29, it will begin touring the United States, captivating people with imagery, spectacles and stunningly performed versions of everybody's favorite game themes and soundtracks. Audiences are reminded of classic game titles that have left acoustic stamps in their minds as well as celebrating the most recent games that have left a mark in interactive entertainment.

For tour dates and more info visit the official site 

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