'You Just Ruined The Whole Experience'

The Investors react to the vulgar act that left them offended and forced them to walk out of Mr. Sushi.

You just ruinedthe whole experience.

You expect meto put a mock-up

of a penisnext to my face?


- Do you understandhow offensive that is?- I-I-I absolutely understand.

( slurring )

Because you put a penisin front of my friend!

This is a joke!Good night.

This is a huge opportunity for these investors to be here

and even take a lookat our place.

And I feel like, "Crap, did we just lose them?"

There were thingsthat you did tonight...

that were flawless.

But this placewill not stayin business

unless you cansuddenly mature.

- I thought it wasfun and jokes--- Here's the deal.

I'm gonna talk to Taffer.I'm gonna get them in.

But I need you to come inwith a new attitude, okay?

I don't want thisto die down for my family.

How am I gonna -- change?I'm gonna try my best.