Getting High

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/11/2014

Stacy and Dave bring a military mindset while Michael and Kat scout the new hunting grounds. Both teams agree that altitude is key. Will either team claim the cash?

All right, bro,you got that map?


Let's head towardsMirror Lake.

Yup. We need to get upwhere the elevation is.

This 36 hours straightis gonna be a big challenge.

The military trainingthat I've received

is gonna come into play.

Our strategy is gonna beall in our mindset.

36 hours,we're not sleeping on that,

we're looking for Bigfoot.

We get the samplesand do what we do.

Let's get it.


Finally, let's go.

We are at the Great Lakes.

Lake Superior is behind us.

It's magnificent.

Our strategyfor this hunt is gonna be

we're gonna recon the area.

We've got some stuffwe're gonna do tonight,

we'll maybe make a fire.

A lot of people report

that Sasquatch comesinto that fire.

We cross across this highway,

we'll hike this trail,

and then we'll get cracking.

We often find Sasquatchwhere there's elevation

and waterand there's both there.

I mean, you look around in here,

these treesare the perfect size,

it's kind of open.

A Sasquatch could justhide behind one of these trees.

People could walk by,you'd never even see him.

Ta-da, not there anymore.

I didn't feelthe pressure before,

but Stacy and Daveare really competent.

They give it everythingthey got.

How many samplesdo we need?

Let's collectas many as possible.

We've got $10 millionon the line.

We're here to find Bigfoot.

It's what we do.

Our plan is to get out thereahead of Kat and Michael

to collect evidence.

Hey, Stacy.Yeah.

We've got some scat.

We believe that Sasquatch poopis overlooked 99% of the time

because the Sasquatchand the bear

are going to have similar diets.

So we're gonnascoop that up.

It's worth baggingand tagging.

We're in like 60,000 acresof wilderness out here.

This is such a large area,

kind of like looking fora needle in a haystack.

But, you know,were the experts here.

We're the Sasquatch experts.

We gonna find Bigfoot tonight.