Make Some Noise

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/22/2014

The Brass Armadillo antique store can be found all over the country, so Bryan and Jason always stop in. This time they find a bunch of goods of all shapes and sizes.

Jason: The Brass Armadillo is a chain of antique malls

that Bryan and I like to shop at.

nd they're all over the countryA so anytime we're near one,

we stop in.

Good morning.

Bryan: This is a big place.



You like this cookiejar for fifteen?

Yeah. That's nice.

It looks like you.

It's a cookie cop.

Recording: Stop! Move away from the cookie jar.


ine doesn'tM ay anything.s

ine's only $9.99M nd it talks.a

ine's fifteen andM t don't do squat.i

I love finding all the things that I can play with

at antique malls: thingsthat make noise.

Donald Duck voice:


Things that I canmake make noise.

(squeaky horn)

It breaks up the monotonyof just shopping.


This is cool.

Co-branding, love it.

$29.99. I'm gonna get that.

I love the Harley banner that Bryan found.

I would have bought itif I had seen it first.

That I like.

Cool. I like it too.

This satin banner is money.


One of the greatest TV shows of all time is The Munsters.

I'll get Eddie Munster.

It was my favourite as a kid.

That's a strange mug.

It's cool cause when you lookat this side, it's just like,

"Oh, a very debonairkind of guy."

nd then, "Oh,a irl taking a poopg

n the bottom ofi our drink."y

I've never seenanything like it.

o I am very intrigued.s

Maybe theymisspelled poop.

Could be.


If I bought abunch of shirts

would you be willingto cut a deal?

Sure. Sure will.


George Foreman shirt.

Four X-T.

Bryan: That's nice.

That's a long shirt.

Holy cow.


That's crazy.

All right. I got eightshirts and two ties.

OK. Um, twenty-percentoff the total.


OK. That's cool.

Ask him for a little more.

You the man.

I was actually thinkinghe was gonna give me ten

so when it's beyond what I think,

I get excited and just go, "OK."

You should have askedhim for thirty percent.

Maybe he'd havesettled in between.


Thank you, sir.