Alison Lures Johnny To The Sting House

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/11/2014

Alison uses her P.I. skills to track down contractor Johnny at an auto body shop. She successfully gets him to the sting house, where Adam, Skip, and a whole camera crew are waiting.

Alison: Adam and Skip told me Johnny works part-time at an auto body shop,

so I found the body shopthat he works at,

I'm gonna surveil him and then make a positive I.D.

I need to see him on the phone when I'm calling him

so I can verify that it's him.

I have donea lot of stakeouts.

Some of them were short, but some of them are really long.

And it can be really tiring.

Waiting for this idiotto show up. Does this guyeven work?

You gotta be making surethat you don't get spotted

while sitting therewatching for somebody else.

That looks like him.

-- good God.

After six hours of waiting,

this guy finally shows up.

Yeah, hi, my name is Mindy.

I wanted to get somework done on my house,

and I was hoping that maybeyou'd be available tomorrow

to give me an estimateon some things.

Okay, are you availabletomorrow?

All right.Can I text you my address?

Okay, great. Thanks a lot.I look forward to seeing you.


Score.It only took six hours.

Adam: We're at the sting house today.

We're here to catch handymanturned contractorJohnny Lopez.

The place is a beehive of activity

if beehives were filledwith pissed-off cameramen.

Laughton: I hope Adam and Skip either get him to do the work

or put him in the roomwith me for 15 minutes.

- I don't know.- Oh, Jesus.

Man on radio: Lock down the house, we need everybody in place.

Contractor's here.Everybody clear.

( gasps )

Alison: Hey.

Good, how are you?

Come on in.


I just wanna grabmy husband

so we can talk aboutall the things we wannaget done.

Wanna take a seat?I'll be right back.

Go get him.

Go, go, cameras.


- Are you Johnny?- Who the -- are you guys?

Don't worry aboutwho the -- we are, man.You know these people?