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Gravity Check

Posted on: December 21, 2004 | Views: 23 | Comment

Who would have ever thought that Beethoven's famous short piano piece "Fur Elise" could be the perfect music to accompany a montage of skater slams? But it works perfectly.

Ol' 84 and Pat Myers are on point with this very roots feeling production. Meyers is a master, and this movie proves it. This assault on concrete, metal, wood and more concrete highlights such rippers as Peter Hewitt, Dan Drehobl, Sam Hitz, Neil Heddings, Al Partanen, Ricky Espinoze, Chris Swanson, John Ponts, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Trey Winslow, Jub, Chris Cudllipp, Eddie Nemeth, Wes Tonascia, Alex Horn Justin Hindery, Issac Kenyon, Tony Loco and more. Don't miss this splendid follow up to 1984's "Let It Bleed".

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