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Jail: Las Vegas

411VM Skateboarding - The Bam Issue - Openers and Intro with Bam Margera

Posted on: August 30, 2004 | Views: 122 | Comment

It's Issue 61 with Bam Margera from cover to cover (and a few other great riders for good measure).
THE BAM ISSUE was created to provide millions of Bam fans a rare view of the cult star and his private life. The popular 411VM Skateboarding title features footage of Bam's skateboarding talent and signature stunts, all complemented by a glimpse into his life in Pennsylvania. The DVD also captures Bam at his favorite place to skate, Philadelphia's infamous FDR Park and a recent adventure in Germany with the Adio Skateboard Shoes team.
See Bam Margera front and center. Not only is he the issue's host, but he and his famous friends make cameo appearances throughout.
Profile: Bam's first ever. Includes a full skating part complemented by an in-depth look into his life. Bam fans won't want to miss it. See Bam's favorite spot, plus Bam and the Audio team on a road trip to Germany.
Hot Wheels: A new article. It's like a mini Wheels Of Fortune highlighting some of today's amazing young talent like Scott Christiansen, Terrell Robinson and Jon Goemann. Jason Dill is an enigma, plain and simple: chain smoker, TV star, coffee addict. Spend a day with him and see if you can figure out what makes him tick.
Controlled Chaos: See Chet Childress, Pat Smith, Steve Nesser and Mike Peterson. Tony T and Omar Hassan battle on the concrete at the annual Quiksilver Bowlriders Contest from Marseille, France.
Trick Tip: The 1st Step crew is back again. This time Salman dissects boardsliding handrails with special guest Jim Gagne.  

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