Kiddy Grade - Vol. 6: Mirror Image - GOTT Re-cap

Posted on: November 1, 2005 | Views: 11 | Comment

Eclair becomes reacquainted with her life, as well as the profession she once practiced.

The GOTT has fallen. Chief Eclipse, once the leader of the powerful organization has been assassinated by the last person anyone would ever have expected, Iclair. Now, Iclair has taken over control of the GOTT, and is implementing some sweeping, brutal changes.Sinestra and Dextera, the only ES members still on active duty, begin to question the severe policies of their new leader. Because of their insolence, the two of them wind up on the receiving end of Iclair's temper, as she sends cloned versions of herself and Lumiere against the two.Waiting in the wings, two lone figures wait for their chance to strike against Eclair, Lumiere and their army of clones. Who are these watchers, and what connection do they have to the GOTT?This time, the survival of the GOTT depends on who can stop the power hungry Iclair and Lumiere! 

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