Vintage Vegas

  • Season 1
  • Aired 02/15/2014

This thrift shop usually caters to tourists, but Bryan and Jason use their skills to find valuable items with a touch of vintage Vegas.

Jason: I'm excited about A Vintage Vegas.

stuff there in the past

and hoping to find somemore goodies today.


Good, how you doing?

Bryan: Hey, how's it going?



But I know if I lookin the right spots,

I can find some stuffthat I can turn around

and make some money on.

Jason: Ah, that's cool.


Bryan: Kodak Instamatic X15.

I walked in and I'm seeing a vintage instamatic camera.

But I knew right away that thatwasn't the real prize there.

You know what's unique about this?

That's way beforemy time, buddy.

Camera stuff is not my thing;it's definitely Bryan's thing.

He was selling camerasbefore I was even alive so...

He knows it well.

What I usually do is I; I collect, you know,

any sort of flash bulbs orold film that's still sealed.

I'm going to get all of these but not the camera.

Bryan's found the filmwhich is a great find.

But as I round thecorner, I hit the jackpot.

Here's a Smith-Corona.

Bryan: Very nice.

Jason: And the keys on this one are way better

than those Royals.

And it's in a portable case.

Snip the keys off andthen crafters buy them.

Oh, yeah.

Uh, the typewriter itself isprobably worth a couple bucks.

Writers nowadays tendto like old typewriters.

But I like this.

Seventy-five bucks isa little much though.

Maybe we can seeif we can haggle. I agree.

The price on the typewriteris seventy-five dollars.

I would feel a lot more comfortable at, like, 65.

I like thattypewriter in there.

I was wondering if you coulddo better than 75 on it.

Yeah, let me see howmuch I paid for that one.

Haggling's a bit of a risk.

I'm not sure ifthey're going to bite.

I'm not sure whichwas she's going to go.