The Surreal World - Tatooine: Episode 1.5

Posted on: November 5, 2005 | Views: 3,829 | Comment

This is the surreal story about a group of strangers from different planets in a parody of the STAR WARS and MTV's THE REAL WORLD universes. After all, ''Every saga has a Middle." Watch Qui-Gon use and abuse the Force (mainly to change channels on the TV), witness young Anakin's pathway to the Dark Side (and don't call him ''Annie'') and uncover the truth about C3PO's robosexuality (and the secret crush he's been harboring for years). For the first time on the web, the SURREAL WORLD is shown in its entirety -- uncut and uncensored. 

spoof • roommates • real world • reality tv • parody • Star Wars