Bar Owner Asks Girls To Go Topless

Jon Taffer and Tiffany Derry watches in shock as a completely irresponsible bar owner lures young girls to the back office and acts in a completely inappropriate manner. His remarks are completely offensive, and could be construed as sexual harassment.

Bill: That's my wife right there.

That's your wife?She's beautiful.

So don't get the wrong idea.Trust me.

We're very selective aboutwho we're buying drinks for.

Thank you.

Failing bar owners thinkthat when they drink

with their customers,it causes people to come back.

It doesn't work,and it's irresponsible.

- Your burger.- My burger.

Look at the lookon Lisamarie's face.

Do you like it?

( grunts )

Oh!She spit it out.

Hi, baby.

- Lisamarie: What's up with the office |- Rachael You don't wanna know.

- What happens there?- Well, it depends.

Do you want the kiddie tourof the office,

or do you want the grown-uptour of the office?

So we're gonna goin the office to do these.

- Yeah.- Yeah.

- One thing about Lisamarie,she can handle herself.- Yeah.

Jon Look at this, he's taking two girls

into the back officeright in front of his wife.

Can you just shoot mein the head now?

You can sit in her lap,though.


Man: What's he doing back there?

I don't know what's going on.

This isn'tyour classic business.

This is mineand Joe's party house.

- Party house.- Yeah!

Truth be said,at some time in the office,

y'all would be topless.

- Wow.- That's the ownerof this bar.

Now what kind ofliability is that?

With Bill acting this way,

he could get sued forsexual harassment or worse.

This guy could be in jail!

What would Kimmiethink about that?

She knows that my job hereis to keep customers happy.

- Lisamarie: Is Pinky okay with it |- Lauren Get Pinky in here.


- Come play in the office. What happens back here?

Pinky I guess it's different with everybody.

Whatever you and Bill'spersonal time may be,

then that's what it is.

Jon I can't believe he has Pinky doing his dirty work.

My -- hung outmore times in this bar

than they havein the shower.

Well, we're the newbies,so we get to keep our shirts on.

That's not how it works.

The rule in the officeis to be topless,

and we're obviouslynot gonna do that.

This is my office.

God damn it,get that top off.

Did he just say that?

Jon: This is the most offensive owner I have ever seen!

- I'm going in.- Oh, my gosh.

Lisamarie is one ofa bunch of girls

that have been brought backto this office

and put in this situation!

I'm going in, and I'm rippingthis guy a new one!