Duck n' Cover: the high school years-Lesson One: Sleeping in Class

Posted on: June 12, 2001 | Views: 17 | Comment

Duck n' Cover: the high school years is a production of The Cellar of Perrysburg High School, one of only a few student-run online magazines in the country. The Cellar staff depicts life in a suburban high school, both online and in our movies. Duck n' Cover: the high school years explores popular evasive techniques employed by students to avoid learning. To circumvent administrative disapproval of our productions and still keep our class and funding, Duck n' Cover: the high school years conveniently uses the cheery etiquette lesson technique to reveal the underbelly of student life. Also we got one of the principals to appear in the movie. People love seeing themselves on film. We feel the techniques we utilize in this video will appeal to all audiences, however, since everyone was once a high school student and many of those high school students have gone on to adapt and perfect these same techniques in the workplace. 

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