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Ink Master: Ink Master Finale: Sarah

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"I have a point to prove and I will prove it." 

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Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part II (3:59)

Aaron tries to diligently airbrush a challenging yet picturesque pin up theme while Josh is left unimpressed with Jason’s design.

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Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part I (2:51)

Nude canvases await the anxious artists when they are tasked with having to bring pin ups to life with airbrushing. A very special guest and True Blood star joins the judges to offer his critique.

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Flash Challenge Preview: Painted Pin Up: Part III (3:37)

The flash challenge on artistry comes to an end as the judges and Joe Manganiello throw out their critiques for the painstakingly painted pin ups.

Posted 2 hours ago Views: 29

Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part III (2:59)

Mark tries to redeem himself by doing a turtle tattoo to win over the judges while Ryan and LT collide in an explosion of anger.

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Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part I (1:38)

The bottom 6 artists fight for their lives as they scramble to ink a fresh set of canvases with tattoo styles picked by their rivals.

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Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice: Part II (2:47)

It’s a last chance race as the artists ink with their weakest tattoo styles with hopes of staying in the competition. Ty’Esha is confident she isn’t going anywhere.

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Week 1: Face Off Challenge: Rival's Choice (1:29)

The artists ink a fresh batch canvases to try and desperately stay in the competition with tattoo styles chosen by their rivals.

Posted 3 hours ago Views: 70

You Choose Live - Most Controversial Moment: Tommy Helm’s Elimination (5:06)

Tommy Helm getting the boot on season 1 of Ink Master was definitely a hot topic. Watch and see as the talented artist finally reveals his true feelings with Dave Navarro.

Posted 3 hours ago Views: 69

You Choose Live - Most Controversial Moment: Kyle Dunbar Vs. Chris Núñez (5:05)

The most controversial artist from all of Ink Master sits down with Dave Navarro to chat about his furious feud with Chris Nunez – and eventual physical altercation.

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Season Premiere - Elimination Tattoo Preview: Inking With The Enemy: Part IV (2:51)

The tag team challenge starts and Aaron wastes no time hovering around Emily’s shoulder like a hawk, stressing over details. The pressure builds up in LT and comes out in the worst possible way.

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