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The Chronicles of Riddick - Visual Effects

Posted on: November 9, 2004 | Views: 72 | Comment

Explains one of the final scenes, in which a character who disintegrates in extreme heat.

An outlaw defies the evil cleansing all souls from a sinister multiverse with blunt rage and raw power. Vin Diesel, as brooding convict Riddick, has lost everything. He's the last of his kind. He's been betrayed by friends. Now he's marked as the would-be assassin of the leader of the Necromongers, an undead army leaving soulless destitution in its wake. There's not a moment to lose on useless sentiment or future consequences. There's only time to act to keep what's rightfully his: his soul.

Great editing and sets keep the mood sinister and foreboding and the action flowing. Thandie Newton channels a wicked Lady Macbeth in her performance as Dame Vaako. 

heat • special effects • steel wool • elements • disintegrate