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Star Wars: The Jedi Saga

Posted on: April 14, 2004 | Views: 329 | Comment

This Star Wars film takes place in between Episodes II and III.

Few Jedi remain. The council grows weak and is almost empty. The Jedi desperately seek to identify the Sith Lord responsible for war. Jedi Master Oni Cay-Qel is sent to rendezvous with the leader of an alien militia who possesses critical information on the parties involved with the creation of the clone armies -- including the identity of the Sith Lord. Shortly after, Master Cay-Qel's transmission is lost. His Jedi emergency beacon is subsequently located on the planet Veridan IV.

Jedi Knight Ro Sajec, returning from a mission close by, receives orders from the Jedi Council to investigate the disappearance of Master Cay-Qel while the council organizes a rescue team with the few Jedi they have left.
It may be hard to believe, but Rory Cejas is a first-time filmmaker.

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