The Staircase - Chapter 5

Posted on: April 18, 2005 | Views: 187 | Comment

A 911 operator takes the stand to testify on the call Michael Peterson made concerning his wife's death. Later, Peterson plays some music that he chose for her funeral.

A thrilling and tense eight-part documentary covering the accidental (or was it?) death of Nortel exec Kathleen Peterson. Award-winning filmmaker Jean-Xavier De Lestrade covers the case from the arrest of Kathleen's husband to his trial to end result. As compelling as any drama on TV.

NY Times: It may seem ludicrous to say that a movie running more than six hours is well edited, but The Staircase, by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, is and not only is the editing prize-worthy, but the whole film is also so brilliantly conceived, reported, filmed and paced that you may come to wish it were twice as long. 

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