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The Lost Tomb Of Jesus - Trailer

Posted on: March 29, 2007 | By eonehomevideo | Views: 74 | Comment

"Scripted like a cryptology treasure hunt and centered on the Indiana Jones-ish persona of Simcha Jacobovici" - The New York Times. A Film by Simcha Jacobovici, Executive Produced by James Cameron. In 1980, a bulldozer accidentally uncovered a first-century tomb in Jerusalem. Of the ten ossuaries (stone coffins) found inside, six bore inscriptions: Jesus son of Joseph, Maria, Mariamene (the name by which Mary Magdalene was known), Joseph, Matthew, and Judah son of Jesus. Dismissed by archaeologists as coincidence, the ossuaries were warehoused and forgotten. Twenty-five years later, filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and his team took a fresh look at this astounding cluster of New Testament names. Granted unparalleled access, they went in search of the ossuaries...and the lost tomb. What they found may well be the most controversial archaeological discovery of all time. Available on DVD April 24th, 2007 www.kochvision.com/LostTomb