Entire House Is Now A Chicken Coop

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/16/2014

When contractor Manny "flew to coop," he left this family with a completely unfinished house and a non-existent chicken coop. Now, chickens are taking over the Goode's home and they turn to Adam & Skip for help.

- All right, guys.- Whoa.


( clucking )

What's with the--

Explain the net first, yeah.

Well, that's whenthe Japanese come over,

they can't see that there'san industrial complex going on.

So essentially our entirebackyard is the coop.

Everything you see is a dominoeffect of Manny.

Because of him bailing.

- Why the chickens?- She grew up with chickens.

You're lucky she didn't grow upwith a wolverine.

You'd be screwed.

They're kind of like pets.

Adam: How are you doing?What's your name?

Little Jerry Seinfeld.But she's going inside.

We have Cluck Norris.Gwyneth Fowltrow.

You guys gotta have a kid.

The bulk of the damageis inside here.

Let's look at it.

- This is...- Oh, my God.

What the hell is going onin here?

Brittney:Welcome to our laundry room.

Right now my brain is on fire.

There's carpetunderneath the framing.

He just framed right overthe carpet.

There's nothing right about it.He might as well have framed out

over their front lawn.

There's no structural stabilityto this thing at all.

The fact that we see carpet hereis an indication

that he didn't doa proper footing.

Structurally,it's completely unsafe.

One packet of Fiesta Mix fallsfrom a Southwest flightand hits this roof,

the whole place is coming down.

By the way, there's a chicken( bleep ) smell in herethat's overwhelming.

When he stopped showing up,the chickens inevitably

were getting in the framingand there was poop everywhere.

It's ironic.Because 10 feet that way,there's a duty-free shop.

This ain't doody-free.This is lousy with doody.

All right,let's do the postmortem.

So you would step out ofthe kitchen into this sort ofenclosed patio.

- Yeah.- That's the idea.

Now we're going to come out.

We're going to have a washer/dryer and half bathroom.

Wow, is this bad.This place is framed

like you only had scrapsfrom the Dumpster.

Did he even bring a levelto this job?

No, he didn't even bringhis eyeballs to this job.

I can put my fingerbetween every joint.

This whole thing is just gonnawant to go like this now.

It's like a house of cards.It's really a danger zoneright here.


This contractor destroyedtheir trust.

He destroyed their house.

He has no businessbeing in this business.