District B13 - The Road to District B13

Posted on: May 24, 2006 | Views: 0 | Comment

Damien heads toward B13 and picks up a partner on the way.

Paris, 2010. An isolation wall surrounds the ghetto cities. Without rules or laws, gangs reign here as absolute masters, and he who does not die first wins a reprieve for a while. Damien is a member of the police elite task force. This time, the government has assigned him the most extreme expedition of his entire career; a weapon of mass destruction has been stolen by the most powerful gang of District B13. Assigned to infiltrate the sector to defuse the bomb, Damien must join hands with Leoto, whose sole goal is to save his sister, who has fallen into the hands of the same gang. He is, moreover, the only one who knows District B13 like the back of his hand. 

futuristic • new order • prison • France • new world order • dystopia • b13