The Scotts Get A Completely Remodeled House

  • Season 1
  • Aired 04/13/2014

Adam & Skip supervise Johnny while they do their biggest remodel yet. They re-do the bathroom, living room, AND their lawn. Hopefully the Scotts can get back to a normal lifestyle now.

- Well.- ( exhales )My favorite day.

Today's reveal day.

We busted Johnny's ass and got the job done.

Kori: I'm so excited to see what they did to the house.

- This has been six monthsin the making,- Six months.

so I can't waitto get inside.

( gasps )

Skip: What do you think, guys?

Kori: You guys are awesome!

- Wow.- Skip: What do you think, Kori?

( crying )Thank you.

Why do they alwayshug Skip first?

( laughing )Why not me?

It's amazing.

Of course, the best partis inside the house.

( gasps )

- Wow.- ( crying )

- Oh, my God.- This is crazy.

Skip: The only way to repair this was to redo the whole thing.

And then once wegot started, we kindajust couldn't stop.

Oh, my God.It's like breathingfor the first time.

- This is what a houseis supposed to look like.- I'm so happy.

( Kori gasps )


Long time.

Kori: Oh! I can fit under the shower.

You see you gotyour niche in there, right,for your shampoo bottle--

- will actually fit in there.- Yes, right. This is amazing.

Everything was doneup to code and all done safely.

So nobody's getting electrocuted in this bathroom.

- Thank God.- I love you guys.

For us, there's a physicaltransformation to make

and then there's anemotional transformationto make.

So, I'm gonna bring Johnny in here. Johnny.

You guys have a little chancefor closure now.

Did you really knowthat you was putting usin danger

- as far as the ledge, candles,and other stuff?- No, no.

Nothing was done intentional.I apologize.

If you can accept that,I mean, that's your call.

I'm just glad I ain't gottasee you no more.

I just wanna make surethat what happened to usdoesn't happen

- to another family.- Never. Never. I give youmy word.

Johnny: I feel really bad for what this family's gone through.

I really should havenever started this projectto begin with.

I'm not gonna be doingany more contractingfrom here on forward.

Stick to my carsand go from there.

- I think that's a great idea.- You know, good thing aboutcars. No bathrooms in 'em.

All right, Johnny.Thanks for coming back.

Moral of the story is,second only to the kitchen,

the bathroom isthe most difficult roomto remodel in the house.

Hire a licensed contractor.

Otherwise, you may find yourself

frying in your plasticshower curtain.